"The Moses of Wall Street" 
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Possibly The Most Important Book Written About Your Money, Wall Street and the Bible!

How Can The Moses Of Wall Street Help
​You Become A Better Investor?

The Moses of Wall Street Is The Biblical Playbook For How To Invest In Stocks The Right Way For The Right Reasons, For The Right Results...

  • The Bible Meets Wall Street

    Confused about who to trust with your money? In his book Ron simplifies the  stock market for Believers and teaches you his exact formula for success in the stock market.

  • YOUR Decision-Maker DNA™

    Learn how your God-Given Decision Maker DNA helps you virtually eliminate risk and maximize your gains when investing.

  • New to Investing?

    It doesn’t matter if you are new to investing in stocks or have decades of experience... you’ll benefit  tremendously from Ron’s proven strategies and practical wisdom.

  • A Truely Bible-Based  System

    Many have claimed a Bible-based investing system and within these pages you will get to decide for yourself as Ron reveals what God has shown him.

  • Bulletproof Investing

    Ron will share with you how to bulletproof your investing and create a life and a retirement you’ll's as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

  • Over $531.00 In Bonuses

    These 3 exclusive bonuses combined with the book, will help you become a better investor!

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Ron Tank

Bulletproof Investor | Author 

This is Ron’s first book. If you read for style and literary quality, this isn’t your book. He is not an award-winning writer and it has flaws.


But there are ideas, paragraphs and whole chapters in this book that we have never seen written down on paper before!


Concepts that could open doors for you today, or tomorrow, that otherwise may have taken a life-time to walk through!


When Ron shared the beginnings of his book with a good friend and Pastor, his comment was, “Ron, it just sounds too good to be true.”

Ron smiled and replied, “Grace sounds too good to be true too... doesn’t it?”


The Pastor smiled and agreed.


The Moses of Wall Street shares with you the most important discovery and the most valuable tool Ron has encountered as a full­ time investor over the past twenty years.


As he reveals the foundation for his Triple Tank System (T3), you’ll encounter a proven system unlike any other available today. 


The proven investment strategies you’ll discover will help you Invest the Right Way, for the Right Reasons.


Ron Tank is a husband and father of two, an ordained Baptist Deacon and a Sunday School Teacher.


He has never worked or lived near Wall Street and remains in Ohio today trading his own account and teaching Believers worldwide how to "fish for themselves" in the stock market.

What Readers Are Saying About
The Moses of Wall Street...

Dean White

Former Associate Pastor, Saddleback Church

Great Read. Very well written. A true story of redemption and God’s abundance. Ron Tank shares his personal story of loss and reaching out to God for help. 

Through his challenges Ron remained faithful and God allowed him to see a new way to invest in Wall Street. The outcome was significant financially and spiritually.  

Now, through this book, Ron Tank shares the message God gave to him to show others a special way to invest in the market that aligns with a principal God has shown throughout His Word.

Lealand D. Dougherty

Deputy Director Department of Defense, Retired 

In my opinion, Ron Tank knows more about investing in the stock market than any investor I have ever met. 


More importantly, he teaches and shares that information with anyone who is willing to learn. 

When Ron Tank speaks and teaches about God or investing, I listen very carefully.

Ron Tank is a man with whom one can do business with the contract being a handshake.  I, and my peers, trust him so much that we would give him our life savings to invest.  He will not take it.


Because of his willingness to share his knowledge, my peers and I have received great dividends.

Cornel Rigby, MBA

Charlotte, North Carolina

I wish you wrote this book 15 years ago!

Thank you for writing such a simple yet powerful investing book. May God continue to bless you in all you do!


I found it to be intensely insightful without a page of meaningless babble. You provided proof for your system and in doing so also offer hope and encouragement. 

You presented an honest, credible book that explained how to make money using the markets. 


More importantly, you reveal the purpose and provider of money. While sharing sound financial principles message of God’s grace will last forever!

Ron Tank will not provide personal investment advice ever,
​but he will train you to invest for yourself, like he does.


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There is a risk in trading markets. 

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*Tank will not provide personal investment advice ever, but he will train you to invest for yourself, like he does.

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